• Marikina

    A Marikina Food Trip Adventure: Some Restos of Downtown Marikina

    Previously, the Urban Roamer introduced you to some of the native delicacies of the city known as the country’s shoemaking capital, Marikina. Now, we visit some of the restaurants in the downtown area that have given the city a distinct taste (pun intended) as far as dining choices are concerned. My thanks to Rence Chan and Jonathan Blaza for organizing this intimate food trip recently that I was fortunate to join. Some of these restaurants managed to create their own identities in the process, making them such beloved dining places among the city’s residents and even beyond as Marikina is becoming a favorite food haunt.

  • Marikina

    A Marikina Food Trip Adventure: Discovering Marikina’s Delicacies

    As far as food trips are concerned, Marikina is one of those overlooked gastronomic havens in the metropolis. Overlooked and understated that it is not confined to just a small part of the city. Thus, doing a Marikina food trip can be such a challenge but to at least get acquainted with its culinary culture, one of the few places in the metropolis that has managed to create and preserve such. I was fortunately to recently join a food trip around the city center area to discover what Marikina has to offer.

  • Makati

    A Rooftop Food Trip

    Of the things you can do at a building rooftop…come to think of it, there’s not much you can do at a building rooftop unless you put something there. Which is probably the thinking the folks of Mercato Centrale and Ayala Center had when they decided to put a weekly food market at the rooftop of a carpark building there. With that, the rooftop of The Link carpark building has become the new home of Cucina Andare, the food night market of Makati conceptualized by the same folks behind Mercato Centrale et al.

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