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    Sining Saysay: Art and History at Gateway Tower

    History can be such a challenging thing to discuss as it requires an understanding of beyond knowing the dates, places, and events that figured in the past. As our elders would say, we cannot move forward to the future if we do not look back at our past. That is why any medium that helps people understand our history even a little better is very much welcome. Which is what the recently-opened exhibit at the Gateway Tower in Araneta Center, Cubao called Sining Saysay aimed to accomplished.

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    The Balay and the Samar House: where the opposing home bases lie

    If you’ve been reading the news these days about the Noynoy Aquino administration, you probably heard about the opposing camps in his administration: the Balay Group and the Samar Group. While The Urban Roamer does not dwell on all this political talk and intrigue, I thought it would be interesting to devote some space on this blog today to know about the home bases of these camps, after whom these groups were named in the media.

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    an Expo of an alternative Cubao

    At this point, we are going to end for now our little series on old Cubao. I think it is but appropriate that we close this series with a feature on a landmark that has best represented the evolution of this particular area over the years. It was known before as the Marikina Shoe Expo, a complex of shoe stores (all of which housed in the same type of 2-story structures) located along Gen. Romulo Ave., right across the old Rustan’s store in Cubao. Opened in 1972, it was meant to showcase the best of the Marikina shoe industry. It won’t be long before the complex and the stores in…

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    A Shared History: Ali Mall and SM Cubao

    Located at the southeast end of Cubao’s commercial district are a couple of landmarks that seem to have some intertwined history of sorts, sharing a unique history in a place as ever-changing as this area called Cubao. Both have their start in a period that was known as Cubao’s golden age of sorts as it was then known as the premier commercial district in the metropolis, then faced a period of decline and are now going through an age of rejuvenation of sorts as is the area which they are located. In the midst of all these, it is remarkable to note their resilience in the midst of these changes.…