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    The Mystery of Manuel…Solved

    As shameful for someone known as the Urban Roamer would admit, I have not been going out much or perhaps I was noticing those mysterious billboards that have popped up in the last month. I’m referring to those billboards bearing the message “Maghihintay Ako…Manuel” (I’ll be waiting… Manuel) and the details “May 22, 2015” and “EDSA Shangri-La Hotel.” And I only became aware of this one just this week. Shame on me, I know.

  • Roamer's Roundup

    A Not-So-Ordinary Valentines Day In The City Again: The Case of the “Missing Hands”

    Valentines Day is upon us here in the urban jungle. Coupled with the fact that Valentines falls on a weekend could only mean worse traffic situation, (that is if the traffic being regularly experienced is not worse enough) worse queues and throngs of people at restaurants, hotels, motels, whatever traditional Valentines spot you may have in mind. Worse enough for one to seriously consider putting those Valentines plans on a different day instead just to avoid the crowd. It is also a time for businesses and other advertisers to put out their best creative efforts in sending forth the message of love this season brings alongside their need to promote whatever…

  • Roamer's Roundup

    A Not-So-Ordinary Valentines Day In The City: The Mystery of “Olivia”

    Valentines Day 2014 would have been yet another Valentines Day in the metropolis with all the commercial establishments announcing their Valentine promos, heavy traffic in the streets compounded by the fact that V-Day falls on a Friday and it’s almost payday as well for many, not to mention the lines of vehicles and patrons going to one of those venues along the motel row. But something began to pop up along the streets of Metro Manila that sent the city abuzz. Billboards appeared on various bus stops among the major thoroughfares of the city, particularly EDSA, just a few days before Valentines Day. The billboards contain the same simple message:…

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