• Checked Out

    International Bazaar: A Global Christmas Shopping Experience

    The Christmas season is a time for shopping madness as shopping malls and venues get filled up more than usual, causing unbearable traffic in the process, and bazaars being held at almost every corner of the metropolis. But the thing with bazaars is that they can be all too much of the same thing, offering the same offerings with not much variety and exciting new finds to look forward to. With that said, there are a few bazaars to look forward to each year, one of them is the subject of this entry today, the International Bazaar that is held every November or so at the PICC Forum.

  • Muntinlupa

    Christmas in the city: the great bazaar of the south

    The Christmas spirit is definitely in the air. And here in this urban jungle, nothing can define this spirit than the maddening crowds at every shopping place imaginable. From the airconditioned malls to the crowded flea markets, people are flocking to the very corners of the city looking for that bargain find as a present to himself or to someone else. The recently concluded St. James The Great Christmas Bazaar down south in Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa was a testament to the dedication many people have all in the name of bargain finds. There are shoppers who came from far north just to see what the bazaar dubbed as the “biggest…