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Santa Mesa’s “university town”: PUP Mabini Campus (Part 2)

If there’s one thing that would define a PUP Mabini experience, (whether you studied high school or college) and if there would one defining landmark of the campus that no true-blue PUP alumnus/alumna would miss, it would be the (in)famous lagoon right at the heart of the campus, with its algae-colored waters and the smell that has made it a stuff of legend.


It’s also a pleasant surprise for me personally to see landmarks that you never knew as interesting before but have come to have a newfound appreciation as you learn things over time. Like for instance this building below which was and still serves as a canteen in the campus actually has some nice modern architecture applied to it.


Reminiscent of UP Diliman’s Parish of the Holy Sacrifice, the Interfaith Chapel located on the eastern portion of the campus sports a round-shaped architecture of sorts.


On the western end of the campus is another imposing structure named after another famous Marcos opposition figure, though he did not study in the university. Called the Ninoy Aquino Learning Resources Center. It is where the main library and research center is located, not to mention a venue for university functions with a number of function rooms as well as an auditorium located at the building’s topmost floor.


Beside it is another curious landmark in the campus. Described by some as some watchtower, it is actually nothing more than just a facility holding the campus’ water supply. Yup, just a concrete water tank given some architecturally-pleasing design.


Right across the Ninoy Aquino Center and the glorified water tank would be this roamer’s alma mater in high school, the PUP Laboratory High School, and the cluster of four school buildings that composes the complex.



Up north near the gates would be the university’s sports complex, most imposing of which would be the gymnasium, which doesn’t look like one at first glance. On the other end right across would be the track and field oval and grandstand, which are undergoing repairs the time I went there.



As of this writing, there are a number of renovation works being done throughout the campus, with a little help it seems from the Metro Manila Development Authority. Here’s hoping that these improvement would complement the aesthetics of the campus and more importantly make it more conducive for future generations of students to enjoy.

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  • malensky

    brings back the happy years of my college life. lagoon was my favorite spot! and also the library (main bldng) where i usually take a nap during loong breaks hahhahah

    thanks for sharing

  • christwin felix

    nice! this is what i’m looking for! may i use these photos for our project “CB profile/interactive campus map”. thanks! godspeed!

  • Yuan

    WoW! Kahit isanagtaon lang ako nag-stay sa PUP Mabini Campus, I’m a proud PUPian! Favorite spot ko yung kainan sa likod ng Student Center (Charlie del Rosario Bldg. na pala) That was year 2000. haha. Memorize ko pa student number ko, na nagsa-start sa 2K- . Sana makadalaw sin sa sintang paaralan. Daming renovations. Thanks, Urban Roamer! Galing.

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