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Pissed at Pasig

Pardon for the strong language (not to mention the stronger language to follow) in this piece. But I just have to air my frustration and contempt against the Pasig City Government over their “event” they held last Sunday night and the grave inconvenience it has caused. Then again, “inconvenience” is an understatement itself.

The cause of this inconvenience? It turns out it was an annual Christmas activity of the Pasig City Government called the Paskotitap in which colorful and brightly lighted floats parade around the streets of Pasig, a tradition that was only started in 2006 from what I can gather.

Now the Urban Roamer has nothing against parades like this. In fact, I love watching such spectacles from time to time. While under normal circumstances I would cover this event and share the spectacles I would see in that parade, I’m too pissed and tired to bother checking it out when they had to CLOSE A PORTION OF A MAJOR THOROUGHFARE FOR AN HOUR OR SO for this parade.

In this case, it was portions of Ortigas Avenue Extension and C-5 which are major road networks in the metropolis that were closed for this pain in the ass of an event. Considering Ortigas Avenue Extension is the only major thoroughfare from central Metro Manila that connects it to Rizal Province in the east, well I guess you know what happens as a result.

What is worse is that there were NO ALTERNATE ROUTES PROVIDED DURING THE TIME SUCH ROADS WERE CLOSED. Just a “sorry for the inconvenience” but, as they say in local parlance, “bahala na kayo sa buhay nyo.”

To be a bit fair, the MMDA issued advisories that these and other roads will be closed for the event. However, the information dissemination is sorely lacking. The MMDA and the Pasig City Government could have at least put prominently displayed signages about the event days before so motorists can plan ahead.

Or they could have put up some traffic rerouting schemes during the times they are closed so motorists and commuters would not end up being…I dunno, STUCK OR BE STRANDED ON THE ROAD FOR MORE THAN AN HOUR!

To think that this is the Christmas season, where traffic conditions in the metropolis even on weekends can be as bad as that during weekdays. Thanks for contributing to the worsening traffic situation, Pasig City Government!

Sorry Pasig. I now feel not only indifferent but utter hate and contempt for that Paskotitap for being such a pain in the ass for motorists and commuters on a Sunday during Christmas season. I could not care about how nice and bright your floats have when they are hindering and worsening traffic as it is this season.

Those colorful lights of Paskotitap floats are nothing compared to the hundreds of red lights of stuck vehicles along the road just to hold this effin’ parade. Thanks Pasig City Government! (photo courtesy of curiousperegrine on WordPress)

Yes, Pasig City Government, I AM SO PISSED AT YOU FOR NOT DOING YOUR JOB RIGHT. You are as bad or even worse than Scrooge for giving this misery.

I bet Antonio Luna would utter a lot of “puñetas” and other unsavory expletives at you if he was alive at this time stuck on Ortigas Avenue or C-5.

Nyeta indeed.


One thing I realized when I was stuck in traffic along Ortigas Avenue Extension is that the east of Metro Manila is lacking of viable major transportation options other than this thoroughfare. So when something happens along this stretch of road, all traffic hell breaks loose.

To be clear, there are alternate routes one can take, but they are either too narrow or too far off to and from central Metro Manila that Ortigal Avenue serves to connect Rizal Province to.

With that said, I hope the plans for a C6 road network and a mass transit line to Taytay come into fruition as such connectivity is sorely needed especially among those who live east of the metropolis, not to mention to help relieve the worsening traffic being seen in the area as of late.


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