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Meet the New Quezon Memorial Shrine Museum (Plus Some Exclusive Shrine Photos!)

It’s been a long while since the Urban Roamer visited the Quezon Memorial Shrine Museum. And since then, there have been so many big changes there. And I do mean big in a manner that you won’t recognize the museum anymore if your last visit was at least last year.

You see the museum underwent a total renovation and makeover of sorts for about a year. The result: a new and improved look of the Quezon Memorial Shrine Museum, now officially known as Museo ni Manuel Quezon which was unveiled just last August 19 this year, in time for the birth anniversary of Pres. Manuel Quezon.

For one, the museum has new layout which is more logical and smooth-flowing as you follow the life of times of Manuel Quezon from his childhood to his political life to the presidency up to his death and 3 burials: in the US, Manila North Cemetery to his present resting place at the shrine itself. No more haphazardly arranged items as everything is displayed in their proper areas in the new layout.

the young Quezon as an officer during the Philippine-American War; that part of his life was briefly glimpsed in Heneral Luna movie with Quezon being portrayed by Benjamin Alves
replica of Quezon’s Malacañang office; at the left are the various his gifts he received while in office
a section dedicated to his wife, First Lady Aurora Quezon where some of her belongings are displayed

the exquisite case where the original 1935 Constitution was kept

The museum also features a number of interactive exhibits as well, making the museum a more fun experience as well. A personal favorite would be this platform where you can be like President Quezon and address the nation.

As such the new Quezon Shrine Museum makes one get to know Quezon and his times a bit better than before, providing a new appreciation of his legacy.

The new museum also serves to complement the new QCX, a great new museum in its own right, making the Quezon Memorial Circle area now a great place for educational tours as you will find two great museums that will broaden your knowledge iu a fun and interesting way.

Kudos to the National Historical Commission of the Philippines for the splendid work they have done to the museum and making the venue more engaging for visitors. Congratulations and a job well done to them!


As many of you may know and as was stated earlier, the Quezon Memorial Shrine serves as Quezon’s resting place. While the Urban Roamer has seen his tomb, it was only as far as the entrance and never got to see it up close.

Today, the Urban Roamer is glad to provide you some rare exclusive photos of what you can see inside the area where Quezon is buried. Hint: it’s much more than just a close view of the tomb. Check out the photos below!

3 carabaos surrounding the opening where sunlight passes through, illuminating Quezon’s tomb
not many people nor have seen a statue of Quezon above his tomb

the resting place of Quezon’s wife, First Lady Aurora Quezon; her remains were transferred to the Quezon Memorial Shrine in 2005 but it is hard to see up close from the entrance

My thanks to my friend and tour guide Rence Chan of Collector’s Connection for his help in securing the access to this previously unseen part of the shrine so you can see these photos!

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