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A Madz Way of Learning Music: Checking Out the Madz Music Studio

Consider this Urban Roamer a fan of the Philippine Madrigal Singers. Ever since having heard them perform on video, then eventually in person at Pasinaya years back made that appreciation grow over the years. And if you are not convinced that the Madz (as the Philippine Madrigal Singers are affectionately called) are one of the best and most prolific choral groups in the Philippines (if not the world), then do check one of their many performances uploaded in YouTube and see for yourself, like this one:

Thus, to be part of this illustrious crop of singers that has been an institution in Philippine music since its founding at the University of the Philippines in 1963 is an achievement in itself that not a few young singers want to be part of. While not everyone can be part of Madz, now anyone who wishes to hone their talent to be on the same caliber at least as them now have a chance to do so with the opening of their new music school.

That’s right, the Philippine Madrigal Singers now have their own music school/studio in Eastwood City.

Opened just recently during Valentines Day, the Philippine Madrigal Singers Music Studio (also known as the Madz Music Studio) is a one of a kind facility dedicated to music. It is not just a music school per se, but a music school that caters not only to individuals but even to groups such as chorales who wish to learn or improve their music skills. As such, to date it is the one of the few music schools in the country that has a dedicated facility for choral training. There are even lessons being offered for choral composition and arrangement, as well as in music theory, making it at par with the academe-based music schools.

Each of the facility’s 5 rooms are sound-proof and provide a level of intimacy between the teacher and student/s for a conducive music lesson, be it in voice, piano, or guitar. And yes, each course comes with a performance recital as well.

The main portion of the facility is its largest room, the one dedicated for choral lessons. This room is actually not just a “classroom”, to put it in one way, but also a recording studio. There are provisions for equipment so performances can be recorded there as a way to gauge voice quality like the harmony, range, and other elements are all in place.

With summer officially declared the time for workshops are approaching, learning music at the Philippine Madrigal Singers Music Studio is one way to spend a productive summer and learning from those who have been part of this illustrious ensemble. But even if it is not summer and you still want to hone those musical skills, the Madz Music Studio is one venue you should definitely check out to benefit from the kind of learning that a seasoned ensemble can provide.

The Philippine Madrigal Singers Music Studio is located at the ground floor of One Orchard Road Condominium, Eastwood City in Bagumbayan/Libis, Quezon City. For more information, you can check out their website at www.madzmusicstudios.com.

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