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Last Saturday at Bonifacio High Street

The Urban Roamer found itself one Saturday (April 11 to be precise) at the area of Bonifacio Global City for some personal matters. So it was a pleasant surprise to see not one, but two events happening that day in the area, particularly at the area of Bonifacio High Street. So what else to do than to check them both out eh? Read on for more.


The Bonifacio High Street ampitheater area was the venue for an annual event called Vinyl Day, a day filled with music courtesy of the live acts as well as that in the records being sold…to be specific records in vinyl discs. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for so long, vinyl records are making a comeback of sorts in recent times as not only people are buying and collecting old vinyl records, but a number of artists are releasing their music in vinyl as well.

Thus Vinyl Day is a celebration of music, both old and new, through a format that is being reborn. Leading the way for this event is its organizer/sponsor Satchmi, which is known for making vinyl turntabless fashionable again with their products.

The event also showcases a sale of various vinyl records, including boxed set ones. In addition, there is a mobile station nearby that lets you play the records you bought to check out the sound quality.

Even if you do not have a vinyl turntable or have no interest buying a vinyl record, the music courtesy of various artists was enough to check out the event and enjoy the rhythms away.


From filling those musical cravings to filling those cravings of the taste buds, a few steps away, right at the middle of Bonifacio High Street, is another event called the Gastronomy Festival. As earlier suggested, not to mention the name alone, this festival is all about food, to be specific, food being served from not the usual vendors.

The middle of Bonifacio High Street was transformed into an outdoor picnic venue as food trucks are lined up with different items on their menu, premium food items at expectedly premium prices.

Meanwhile, the stage nearby was transformed into an outdoor movie theater which was showing that day some films that have gastronomic themes, like Ratatouille for instance.

If anything, I wish the next Gastronomy Festival, I assume there would be one next year, would have more vendors and more choices that would be more affordable. After all, it is supposed to be a “festival.”


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