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Komikon 2015: Showcasing The Komiks

As preparations for APEC 2015 are in full gear, something else was happening in the metropolis that was flocked by Filipino pop culture addicts and local comic aficionados alike.

I am talking about Komikon 2015, the most prominent annual event dedicated to Philippine comics (AKA komiks) industry. And the Urban Roamer was there to check it out!

Komikon or the Philippine Comics Convention is an annual event being held since 2005 which aims to showcase the Philippine comic industry as well as those working in the industry.  Every year it features the best and the latest komiks titles, as well as its creators, writers, and artists who through this event have been given their time to shine, so to speak.

But the event is not just limited to komiks. Komikon also showcases Philippine popular arts and culture as different exhibitors are eager to showcase their creations.

This year, Komikon was held at the Bayanihan Center at the Unilab Complex, with many comic artists there to grace the 2-day event, as well as being a venue to showcase a couple of alternative presentations, the indie film Puti and the online series Tanods.

And being a comic convention after all, other exhibitors there were offering discount on comic back issues, especially the foreign titles.

Congratulations to the organizers of Komikon for a successful year! Here’s hoping for bigger and better things to come in future editions.


For more information about Komikon, check out the Komikon Facebook Page


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