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Intramuros on a Segway

For a long while, a tour around the Walled City of Intramuros would normally involve a ride in one of the city’s oldest modes of transport: the trusty old calesa. But with time and technology catching up in this historic part of the city, the Intramuros experience just got itself enhanced.


Thanks to the folks behind the first hotel in Intramuros, the White Knight Hotel located right across San Agustin Church, (AKA the oldest church in the country) they introduced in March this year a unique Intramuros tour experience which they dubbed, quite appropriately, the Electric Chariot tour. The electric chariot in question here unfortunately does not involve robot horses but is something you may find cool…a segway.



Okay, you may not even have an idea what a segway so let me explain a bit. It is actually an electric-powered personal transport that relies on balance and shifting body weight to make it move. You lean forward to move forward and lean back to move back. The pedal is the only moveable part of the segway to use if you wish to make a turn or move in circles. Segways have yet to create a buzz in the country, but from the growing popularity of these segway tours, there is promise on the horizon.



Currently, White Knight is offering a 30-minute (at P500) and 1-hour tours (at P1000) with a tour guide and an assistant who will help out should you need help in riding the segway throughout the tour. Of course, you will be wearing protective gear throughout the trip for your safety.


At the same time, it does not seek to phase out the calesas plying within the Walled City but rather enhance the Intramuros experience as a way to better appreciate the heritage of this historic place through a unique experience that one might appreciate.

For more information, please visit the White Knight Hotel website.

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