Mobile Retail Redefined: The Globe Gen3 Store at Greenbelt 4

We Filipinos just love our mobile phones. And that’s pretty much a given, despite the headaches our telecom companies have been giving us for a long while now. Along with this is an evolving savviness that Filipinos have for mobile technology these days.

And if connection issues are not enough, mobile companies are finding themselves racing to keep up with the changing trends not only in mobile technology but also in the digital lifestyle of its customers.  One company is making an effort to meet this challenge as Globe reopened its store in Greenbelt 4, transforming it into a completely new experience in digital lifestyle called the Globe Gen3 Store.

The Globe Gen3 Store represents a new standard for Globe in retail and customer service as it offers unique experiences, concepts, and product offerings for new and existing customers through a unique layout with spaces catering to the different aspects of the digital lifestyle.

As part of its transformation into a Globe Gen3 Store, the Greenbelt 4 store underwent a vertical expansion as it is now a two-level store showcasing not only mobile phones and services like Spotify and HOOQ but also spaces where one can play be entertained, or just marvel at the latest mobile technology available. It’s a place you can hang out, especially if you are a Globe customer.

Along with this new look, I hope this also means improvement in customer service as well with lesser long queues in the customer care line.

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