• Baguio,  Beyond Manila

    An Adrenaline Rush Adventure in Baguio

    When we think of Baguio, normally we think of the cool climate which makes it an ideal place to unwind and relax in the midst of the pine trees. Baguio is not really known as a venue for activities that are considered “extreme” since there had been no venues in and around the city to do those kind of stuff…until now. The Urban Roamer was fortunate to have among those who were invited to check out one of Baguio’s newest destinations, one of the first venues there to offer “extreme” activities in the summer capital, Tree Top Adventure Baguio.

  • Beyond Manila,  Davao City

    A Guide to Davao City’s Museums

    For one to know a certain place better as far as its history, culture, arts, and other aspects are concerned, museums are the best place to start. Davao City has pretty much some good museums that visitors can check out to better understand the city as to how it evolved to what it is today. The Urban Roamer was fortunate to visit some of these museums where one can learn about the different aspects of Davao, as well as some other museums worth checking out for their uniqueness and showcasing some lesser known aspects of the city as well.

  • Beyond Manila,  Davao City

    The Urban Roamer’s Guide to Davao City (first of a Davao City series)

    So much has been said about Davao City, most especially about its colorful mayor and his policies that has made the city safe and admired. But, wonderful as those achievements may be, there are other facets of Davao that tend to be overlooked. More than just a city being run by a strong-willed mayor, Davao City offers some surprises of its own which has contributed to the city’s unique character. The Urban Roamer was fortunate to discover some of these bits in a trip recently to this wonderful. And since this time happens to be 78th anniversary of the founding of Davao City, this is an opportunity for a new…

  • Beyond Manila

    A Trip South of Manila: Paradizoo and Residence Inn

    Once in a while, the Urban Roamer makes it a point to get away from the urban jungle and explore some new place fora change. It was fortunate that I got to that recently thanks to the good folks at Zoomanity Group who provided this chance to go down south to two rising tourist destinations: Paradizoo in Mendez, Cavite and Residence Inn in nearby Tagaytay. Managed by the same people behind Zoobic Safari, not to mention the recently-visited Zoocobia, as can be expected in Paradizoo and Residence Inn, animals are the star here and much more to offer as well.