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Checked Out: Art Fair Philippines 2014

Beginning with this post, as part of the changes with the new Urban Roamer site, there will be a new semi-regular feature here which I would like to call ”Checked Out,” in which we “checked out” various events happening around the metro like exhibits, trade fairs, concerts, fiestas, whatever interesting event that comes our way

Not many people now that every February, apart from Valentines, the Philippines also celebrates National Arts Month. During this time, one can expect a lot of events and activities aimed to promote Filipino arts, whether it may be visual arts, literature, cinema, music, theater, dance, or architecture.

One of these events is the private initiative known as Art Fair Philippines. Now on its 2nd year, it aims to support modern and contemporary Philippine visual art, showcasing its vibrance, as well as the talents of our artists in front of a growing audience, based both locally and internationally as well.


The choice of venue for Art Fair Philippines also underscores the vibrant and creative atmosphere Philippine visual art espouses, as it transformed what was usually a dull, concrete carpark area into this sprawling hall filled with so much artwork courtesy of the different art galleries and exhibitors showcasing their unique works. In the case of some artworks, they have managed to go beyond the confines of the venue, making their way around the greater Ayala Center area itself.

There’s an entrance fee of P150 for this event, quite pricey for an admission to a limited-run event, but the presence of such a variety of artwork is fascinating enough to make you feel the admission was worth it.

Enough of the talk here. Allow me to share some of the photos taken from that recent event.

[fsg_gallery id=”1″]

Congratulations and a job well done to the organizers of Art Fair Philippines! Hope to see more of Philippine contemporary and modern visual art in next year’s event.

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