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A Tale of Two Book Warehouse Sale Events

August seems to be a favorite month for bookstores here to do their book sale events. Not sure why it’s so. In any case, these events and next month’s Manila International Book Fair mark a particular season here that time of the year that bibliophiles look forward to each year.

And make no mistake there, bibliophiles are not a small, insignificant demographic. A visit to these events would elicit at least a surprise and a realization just how much of underrated sector is the bibliophile sector. And actually, the Urban Roamer did just that: a visit to the two major book sale events happening this month.


First order of business was to check out the warehouse sale of bookstore Books for Less located along Mercedes Avenue in Barangay San Miguel, Pasig. For one, let me say that going there is a struggle in itself as there is no nearby public transport to take if you will go there. The best option is to take a jeepney bound for Pasig Market and take a tricycle to take you to La Consolacion College Pasig as the warehouse is located just across the school.

yes, the Books For Sale Warehouse sale is literally held in a warehouse

There are a lot of books on sale there, mostly children’s books. So if you’re looking for children’s books, Books For Less’ warehouse sale would be a place to check out. There are other titles on sale as well though many of them are quite dated already, unless you’re into collecting/reading vintage books. All titles are being sold for only P20 so it’s a good bargain especially if you are looking for the aforementioned types of books.

The Books For Less Warehouse Sale runs until the end of August so you have plenty of time to check it out. For more information, you can check out their Facebook page here.


Also being held in August, though only for a shorter period, is perhaps the most awaited book warehouse sale event in the metropolis, the National Book Store Great Warehouse Sale, this time held at a more public transport friendly location at the corner of Quezon Avenue and Scout Borromeo Street in Barangay South Triangle, Quezon City.

Being a highly-anticipated event, you can expect large crowds going to the venue. In fact the queue was insane during the first few days of the event when it opened on August 13. I was fortunate that the crowds were no longer that many when I visited though I understand the selection there is not as much as it was during the first few days.

despite what you see in this photo, this crowd is actually smaller compared to what was experienced in prior days

With such a wide variety of titles as well as school and office supplies on sale, it was easy to understand why National Book Store’s Great Warehouse Sale is such a popular event. Prices of various titles ranges from P20 to P300, especially on textbooks and literary books.

Did I mention there are some good bargains to find for school and office supplies as well? You may find some items that you can add to your desk or for your organizing needs at low prices, like this stamp album and an egg-shaped iPhone amplifier which both add up to only less than P150.

The National Book Store Grand Warehouse Sale is only until August 18. If you’re interested to check out this event, hurry and take advantage of the bargains while you can.

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