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A New Beginning

Not many people know this, but I was not a newbie blogger when I first started blogging as the Urban Roamer. In fact, I was already blogging long before that, probably about 5-6 years prior. Admittedly though, my blogging life pre-Urban Roamer days were not that noteworthy as I never got to regularly update my blog. So when I conceived what would become the Urban Roamer, there was this lingering fear that it will fall the same fate as my previous blog. Nevertheless, I was prevailed upon by that need for me to have an outlet of sorts for my interests and passion for the metropolis I grew up in and that dream (or madness) of mine to “make a difference” somehow in making the metropolis better the best way I know how. So when I finally started it in August 2009, I had no idea how far will I go in this new venture, blogging away without seriously considering of its potential.

4 1/2 years after starting the Urban Roamer blog in August 2009, I have been amazed by the growing readership and supporter base that I cannot express how much gratitude I have for your continued patronage and support for this humble blog. Without such support, I would never have been able to churn that much content in a regular basis that even I get to be amazed myself, considering my previous blogging efforts.

Those 4 1/2 years have been a period of so much change as well: from the urban landscape, to the availability of information and technological advancements. Even in my life as well, much has changed as well…if you know what I mean. I have gained so much from those experiences: new insights, knowledge, and ideas that yearn a new outlet for expression. It became apparent that my old blog, as well as the limitations of the system it was in, was somehow limiting me in expressing them.

More importantly, the growing success of the blog has helped boost my confidence in what I can do and in my product. Such success deserves bigger and bolder steps for this product to grow. From this point on, this no longer just a mere blog. It has now become a brand that I intend to develop. So today, I have taken that first step.

To my dear readers, welcome to the new home of the Urban Roamer!

This is actually a new site built from the ground up, with much of the content from my old site incorporated here so there’s nothing to be missed, especially with the posts I have made throughout the history of the Urban Roamer thus far.

As you folks can see, the site currently employs a new but simple and clean design that should hopefully make navigating this site a pleasant one. No longer having the limitations of my old site, you can expect more things to come in this site in the days ahead.

What I’m more excited about this new site is the content. For one, the site will be dealing with more subjects to tackle, some of which I did not touch on my old blog before, as well as new ways of sharing such content when appropriate. I hope to incorporate more varied aspects of urban life while still keeping true to the original spirit of the Urban Roamer when I first conceived it as a chronicler of the sights, sounds, and stories of the metropolis.

To those who have come across this page when trying to go to the old URL, please note the URL of this new site:

To the existing subscribers of the old blog, you should be redirected to be subscribed to this site within the next few days. In any case, please take note of the URL above.

Again, thank you to those who have supported the Urban Roamer blog for the past 4 1/2 years. I hope you guys will still be with me in this exciting new chapter of the Urban Roamer.

Till then, keep on roaming!

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