It Will Be Sangley (An Airport Update)

The Department of Transportation and Communication has just spoken: the new Manila International Airport will be built in Sangley Point in Cavite City.

This announcement came on the heels of the recently-released report of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) which recommended that the new airport be built in the area, something the Urban Roamer has touched upon in a recent post. And it seems the DOTC is intent on following that particular recommendation.

Manila to Cavite

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San Miguel Corp. Has An Airport In Mind

When it comes to Manila’s airport…well, there’s nothing much to say about it, is there? Nevertheless, let me state that the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) is not as bad as others paint it to be. If anything, those problems people are citing about NAIA is with mostly with regards to Terminal 1. Terminal 3, while it has some problems, is a significant improvement compared to Terminal 1.

But amenities and facilities of one airport terminal is just part of the problem. In recent years,  air traffic going to and from the airport has risen to such levels that NAIA itself is finding it difficult to address. In addition, the infrastructure around the airport is not enough to meet present and future needs of the airport, not to mention the traffic situation around the airport area. It is clear from these problems being related here that something needs to be done soon. To be fair, there is something being about it. Or should I say, some things?

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that brewery named after a saint and a suburb

It was September 29, 1890, which happened to be the feast of St. Michael and the rest of the Archangels, when a fellow named Enrique Barretto y Ycaza opened up a brewery in the Manila suburb named after the aforementioned saint. With a royal grant from Spain, Enrique decided to name the brewery after that suburb where he has lived and worked. So began the history of Fabrica Cerveza de San Miguel, the brewery which would become the San Miguel Corporation we would know today.


The document which bore that royal grant had the old seal of Manila insigned with a crown above it. Seeing the significance of this seal, Enrique adopted it as the logo for his brewery, which is still seen today as the current corporate logo of the company. The seal is known as the escudo, which means shield; incidentally, it was also the name for once Spain’s old currency before the peseta and eventually the euro. Continue reading


in memoriam: the old Magnolia/Nestle Ice Cream House

My personal recollection of this place was my habit of looking at it whenever we go to Cubao and pass by this landmark.  Growing up with fondness for ice cream and the old Magnolia (who can forget their ice cream and bottled Chocolait?) it was unfortunate that I didn’t get to set foot in the place throughout my childhood. My only satisfaction back then was to get a good view of  what I considered a piece of heaven to, at the very least, satisfy a desire that I could not attain at that time.

Some though were lucky to get to eat or spend a party in this place back then. During the 1980’s, it was considered a haven of sorts for kids and adults who happen to love ice cream. And it’s not just the ice cream that people go there for. The food, I heard, was good as well. Back then, there was an outdoor mini-playground that as a kid made me want to get off the jeepney so I can play there.

Magnolia Ice Cream house in the 1980s

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