the Cartimar at Pasay

The Pasay area these days (and by that we mean the old Pasay, not the reclaimed area) is not one of those places you find yourself at that often. Sadly, it’s one of those places here in the metropolis that has suffered much from urban blight, coupled with the government’s lack of will to face this issue.

Despite all these, there are still some good old gems found in old Pasay. One of which would probably the number one reason that puts this part of Pasay on the map. With that, we are referring to none other than the Cartimar Shopping Center located right between the busy intersections of Taft and Gil Puyat (the former Buendia) Avenues in the north and of Taft-A. Arnaiz (the former Libertad) Avenues in the south. Continue reading


Newport City and the evolution of an entertainment complex

It is no secret that Newport City aims to be a premier entertainment complex that boasts of a strategic location, thanks to its proximity to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport whose Terminal 3 is just right across it. In fact, it has been given a certification by Philippine Economic Zone Authority as a Tourism Economic Zone.

One of the components for this complex are the hotels. At present, 2 hotels are now operational, 1 is currently under construction, and yet another 1 is being planned. The fact that 4 hotels are being envisioned to rise here is a sign of how optimistic the developers/partners Megaworld and Genting Group are with the success of this venture.



the under-construction Remington Hotel

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Newport City: one year later

It was late August last year when I last visited the young Newport City to check out the entertainment complex there called Resorts World Manila which had its opening that time. Since it was night time and considering the activity that was going on in the development site, I haven’t checked out the area quite much that time. And I did promise to come back to see what’s going on.

It took me a little over a year, but I came back as promised, as an urban roamer who is out to fully explore what’s out there and what’s new at that township development project of Megaworld that is Newport City.


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roaming around Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3

Most of the time, an urban roamer like myself confines himself in his travels in and around the city. But there are occasions that I get to go beyond my “natural borders” like my recent vacation abroad. (which by itself is another story) That particular round trip onboard Cebu Pacific has found me boarding and disembarking at the youngest terminal of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. otherwise known as NAIA’s Terminal 3. Quite frankly, this would be the first time I’ll be able to fully go around and explore a NAIA airport, as my previous airport experiences were limited to the Manila Domestic Airport.


NAIA Terminal 3: departures at the upper (elevated) level, arrivals at the lower (street) level

Terminal 3 by itself has a long and “colorful” history ever since building for it began in around 1997. It was supposed to open in around 2002 if not for the long and costly litigation that arose from the original contract for the building terminal which was deemed “onerous” by the Philippine government, not to mention the repairs that had to be done throughout the time. The case was eventually won by the Philippine government a few months ago in Singapore court, as well as in Washington previously; the government hopes to be able to fully utilize the terminal by year-end. Continue reading


the Urban Roamer’s updated ePassport guide

In case you have not heard, some significant developments came up since my last post “the Urban Roamer’s ePassport guide.”

First significant development is the good news that the ePassport is now available even for first-time passport applicants. The catch is though if you’re looking to get just the more affordable machine-readable passport, (MRP)  sorry to say that the DFA has ceased issuing MRP’s since early this year. That leaves you with no choice but to shell more money to spend the more expensive, yet most technologically advanced ePassport. Continue reading