International Bazaar: A Global Christmas Shopping Experience

The Christmas season is a time for shopping madness as shopping malls and venues get filled up more than usual, causing unbearable traffic in the process, and bazaars being held at almost every corner of the metropolis. But the thing with bazaars is that they can be all too much of the same thing, offering the same offerings with not much variety and exciting new finds to look forward to.

With that said, there are a few bazaars to look forward to each year, one of them is the subject of this entry today, the International Bazaar that is held every November or so at the PICC Forum.

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Komikon 2015: Showcasing The Komiks

As preparations for APEC 2015 are in full gear, something else was happening in the metropolis that was flocked by Filipino pop culture addicts and local comic aficionados alike.

I am talking about Komikon 2015, the most prominent annual event dedicated to Philippine comics (AKA komiks) industry. And the Urban Roamer was there to check it out!

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A Taste of Comic Con Madness: AsiaPop Comicon Manila 2015

As a self-confessed “moderate” geek, I often found myself being amazed by the spectacle of comic conventions or comic cons, especially the famous San Diego Comic Con in the US. Seeing so much of today’s pop culture phenomena under one roof was a sight I’ve been at least intrigued to see.

Thankfully, we in this part of the world got at least a bit of a taste of what a full blown comic con is like with the first ever AsiaPop Comicon Manila that was held over the weekend at the World Trade Center Metro Manila  convention center. For this historic event, the Urban Roamer could not afford to miss it.

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Manila International Book Fair 2015

As longtime followers of the Urban Roamer would know, it has been an annual tradition of sorts for this roamer to visit the annual Manila International Book Fair or MIBF. It has been a tradition that has been followed long before this site was put up, being a longtime bookworm and bibliophile of sorts.

As it has been in previous years, the Manila International Book Fair 2015 is being held at the SMX Convention Center, graced with the presence of various book stores, publishers, and educational providers, among others to showcase their latest titles, as well as some bargains on other publications.

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A Tale of Two Book Warehouse Sale Events

August seems to be a favorite month for bookstores here to do their book sale events. Not sure why it’s so. In any case, these events and next month’s Manila International Book Fair mark a particular season here that time of the year that bibliophiles look forward to each year.

And make no mistake there, bibliophiles are not a small, insignificant demographic. A visit to these events would elicit at least a surprise and a realization just how much of underrated sector is the bibliophile sector. And actually, the Urban Roamer did just that: a visit to the two major book sale events happening this month.

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