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    Punta and the Iglesia Ni Cristo

    To those who happened to have read my previous roaming adventure in Punta, I mentioned this particular landmark well-preserved in its pre-war glory. I wasn’t able to further check it out the last time. Thankfully I got to correspond with the landmark’s curator, who was able to arrange a schedule for a visit to see what’s inside. This is the Iglesia Ni Cristo Museum at Punta, which was the first formal place of worship for the Philippine Christian group the Iglesia Ni Cristo. (INC) While, the structure itself was built in 1937, there was already a deep connection between the INC and Punta, going way back to the establishment of the INC…

  • City of Manila

    a little sidetrip to Punta

    Located along the northern bank of the Pasig River, just right next door to Mandaluyong, you can not miss finding Punta on the map. Who can miss that piece of land that’s bulging out and surrounded by the rivers of Pasig and San Juan? And if you look at the map below, Punta does have a peninsula-like appearance, which may be why the Spaniards called the place as such, after their native word for point or tip.

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