• Navotas

    Beyond Fish and Floods: Exploring the Navotas City Proper

    Navotas, the north-westernmost city of Metro Manila. And for many of us, two F’s come into mind when we hear Navotas being mentioned: fish and floods. The Urban Roamer has long been curious about Navotas and what it has to offer other than those two. Ever since having gone on that Malabon trip that included a stop at the city, it has always been a plan of this roamer to explore this part of the metropolis. And finally, after years of plans that did not push through, it finally happened.

  • The Guide

    the Metro Manila City/Town Name Guide

    There are questions that are not asked often but never fail to make heads scratch whenever they are asked. One of them being “how did this place get its name?” Today, we will attempt to answer this question with regards to the origins behind the names of the cities and town (yes, as in one town) that comprise Metropolitan Manila. Some of the information that will be shared here may be of common knowledge to some, but it is still worth knowing. Who knows, you may be asked about in in a game show or something. 😉

  • Navotas

    A glimpse of Navotas

    During our group’s last trip to Malabon, we managed to pass by but not got around its neighbor across the river: the now City of Navotas. In fact, it can be said that Malabon and Navotas are “siblings” as they share a common history. Navotas after all used to be part of Malabon or Tambobong (as Malabon was known before) a couple of times before becoming an independent town outright in 1906. Navotas also shares the same affinity for the water, (including the issue of flooding) as well as almost having the same economic profile as Malabon. But being located right along the shores of the body of water that…

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