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    Sarah G Sings About Manila

    At the recent Miss Manila 2014 beauty pageant coronation night last Araw ng Maynila, (congratulations by the way to the winner, Krischelle Halili) a number by Sarah Geronimo, one of the Philippines’ most popular artists created as much buzz as the event itself. Partly I suppose was due to her sheer professionalism that she showed despite the technical glitches that occurred during that number. But I’d like to think that the song she sang played a big factor as well, a song entitled “Dito sa Manila.”

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    Araw ng Maynila 2014: Return of the Carnival (sort of)

    Today, the City of Manila celebrates the 443rd anniversary of its founding, a day more popularly known as “Araw ng Maynila” or “Manila Day.” This would also mark the first Araw ng Maynila celebration that its mayor, the former Philippine president Joseph Estrada, will spearhead. To his credit, his administration is bent on making this year’s Araw ng Maynila a bit different and memorable than previous celebrations. And what better way to do that by getting some inspiration from one of the city’s most colorful events of the old: none other than the Manila Carnival.