• City of Manila

    The Birthplace of La Liga Filipina

    This should have been published last month, during the anniversary of the founding of La Liga Filipina. But it’s history and national heroes’ month anyway so it’s still to get this out online today. Today, the whole stretch of Ilaya Street from Plaza Amado V. Hernadez to the intersection at Juan Luna Street is a scene of urban madness. For one, the street is not passable to vehicular traffic with all the stalls occupying the road itself. Walking along this stretch of road is also a…challenge, to say the least, as you navigate through the walkways that have become narrow because of those stalls while trying to be mindful of…

  • City of Manila

    A Renewed Rizal Experience at the Fort Santiago Rizal Shrine

    If you have not been to Fort Santiago, in particular the Rizal Shrine located within its premises, you may want to schedule a trip there one of these days. Even if you have been there before, you may want to pay a visit there again. This is because the Rizal Shrine has recently undergone a renovation of its interior set-up, giving the shrine a much-needed makeover and its visitors a new, different insight into learning about Jose Rizal, his life, works, and deeds that made him a National Hero.

  • City of Manila

    A Path to Martyrdom: Rizal in Fort Santiago

    Today, the nation marks the 112th anniversary of the martyrdom of the Philippines’ National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. (technically, he is not officially declared a national hero, but that’s another story) As it is during Rizal Day, many will surely commemorate this day by a visit Rizal Park or any of the Rizal-related places and shrines throughout the country, one of them surely would be the Rizal Shrine in Fort Santiago. This Rizal Shrine in Fort Santiago used to be barracks of the soldiers who were stationed in the old Spanish fortification of Fort Santiago. Today, it is a quaint little museum that is home to some Rizal memorabilia like…

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