• Pasig

    Christmas in the City 2017: The Christmas Light Tunnel at Ortigas East

    Christmas is in the air in the metropolis once again! And for many of us, it’s one of the most joyous occasions we look forward to each year. It helps that establishments across the metropolis make an effort to “dress up” for the season, Never mind it reeks of commercialism, these spectacles so colorful and cheerful that you can’t help but smile at what you see, from the Christmas musical lights at Ayala Triangle to Meralco’s Liwanag Park, many of which have become annual Yuletide landmarks that has shaped the metropolis in recent years. This year marks the beginning of a new Yuletide tradition, courtesy of the property developers Ortigas…

  • Pasig

    Welcome to the Ark (Avilon)

    The Bible tells us of a large vessel, an ark built by Noah as commanded to him by God as a means for him, his family, and the animals to be safe from the rains and the floods that God sent to submerge the earth. Even in modern standards, the size of this ark is huge, huge enough to accommodate the various pairs of species of animals, big and small. The story of Noah’s ark has been one of those Bible stories that has captured the imagination of generations. It’s this particular inspiration that has led to the country’s first indoor zoo: the Ark Avilon.

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