• Baguio,  Beyond Manila

    An Adrenaline Rush Adventure in Baguio

    When we think of Baguio, normally we think of the cool climate which makes it an ideal place to unwind and relax in the midst of the pine trees. Baguio is not really known as a venue for activities that are considered “extreme” since there had been no venues in and around the city to do those kind of stuff…until now. The Urban Roamer was fortunate to have among those who were invited to check out one of Baguio’s newest destinations, one of the first venues there to offer “extreme” activities in the summer capital, Tree Top Adventure Baguio.

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    Hotel Le Monet Baguio

    Being the “Summer Capital of the Philippines,” Baguio City has a fine choice of accommodations to choose as to where to stay in this literally cool city. Allow me to share one place for your consideration: the Le Monet Hotel. Located right inside Camp John Hay, Le Monet Hotel is named after the famed French impressionist painter Claude Monet. And like Monet’s art, Le Monet Hotel aims to treat its guests with beautiful sights, in this case, the green, cool landscape of Camp John Hay and Baguio City in general. And being within Camp John Hay, guests can readily check out the outdoor activities and the nearby sights such as the butterfly…