On The “Erich Billboard” Stunt

It has only been less than a week since July started but it seems there is one big issue that has pretty much defined this month so far. Yup, we’re talking about that “interesting” billboard that popped up in the Manila skyline recently.

The billboard, located at the corner of Claro M. Recto Avenue and Nicanor Reyes (formerly Morayta) Avenue, had an “interesting” premise. An ambitious, even crazy one, some might say. It was depicting a faceless guy holding one of those boxes that would usually contain a ring or necklace but instead contained a coffee bean in this case. Along with it was a message addressed to actress Erich Gonzales, addressing her in her full real name no less, by some guy identified as Xian Gaza saying that he “likes her a latte” (quite overused pun, I say) and asking if he can invite her for coffee.

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To the head Tamaraw’s lair: inside the FEU Administration Bldg.

We are now approaching the final leg of our little virtual FEU tour. So I thought it would be appropriate to end it in the FEU Administration, another Art Deco masterpiece from Pablo Antonio which was completed in 1949. Continue reading


Continuing the journey to the Tamaraw’s abode

At the western end of the Far Eastern University Manila campus is what can be perhaps called the flagship building and the oldest in the campus: the Nicanor Reyes Hall, named of course after the founder of the university. It also represented best the campus’s Art Deco flavor with its grandiose facade that is still intact in the face of the city’s changing landscape. Designed by National Artist Pablo Antonio and completed in 1939, it also has arcade walkways that are common among many buildings along Recto Avenue and Quezon Blvd. where it is situated.



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A journey to the abode of the Tamaraws

No we will not be going to Mindoro for this one. (0therwise, this blog will not be called the Urban Roamer)

I am actually referring here to the Tamaraws as the team monicker of that university based in Manila’s University Belt known as the Far Eastern University or FEU for short.

Art-Deco influenced “FEU” mark at the campus gates


FEU logo originally designed by Galo Ocampo

First of all though, let me disclose that I have never been a student, not even a cross-enrollee, of FEU, though I did entertain the possibility of studying there at one point. Nevertheless, the things I’ve heard about the rich heritage of the campus along Nicanor Reyes St. and Quezon Blvd. is something I wanted to check out for myself. So thanks again to my suki travel guide friend Lawrence Chan, I got the opportunity to see FEU and the heritage it treasures up close. (to students and alumni of other schools, don’t worry; I will feature or visit your school at some point in the future) Continue reading