A Supertall Tower in the Philippines Soon?

It’s been a while since the Urban Roamer touched upon the landmark that was the Manila Seedling Bank. Since that last update, the Quezon City government shut the facility down for good with the former plant dealers relocated elsewhere, notably at a spot in the Quezon Memorial Circle called the “Hardin ng mga Bulaklak” or garden of flowers. And what a coincidence that the initials of Hardin ng mga Bulaklak and that of  the Quezon City mayor at this time of writing is eerily the same. Wow, amazing.

Quezon City Mayor (at this time of writing) Herbert Bautista

So what does the Quezon City government planning to do with this prime piece of property in the corner of EDSA and Quezon Avenue, right smack of the planned Quezon City business district they’re trying to build? Well, news has come that a supertall structure is being planned to rise at the site. To be specific it will be a tower that will not only become the tallest structure and tower in the Philippines, but also become possibly second tallest tower in the world.

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A farewell to Manila Seedling Bank?

The Urban Roamer wrote an entry on this blog more than two years ago about the Manila Seedling Bank, one of the few remaining green spaces in the metropolis that is home to different varieties of flora that are being displayed and/or sold. In particular, I lauded the place and the organization behind it, Manila Seedling Bank Foundation, (MSBF) for being stalwarts of environmental awareness in the midst of the urban sprawl that has already affected the environment in a negative manner, hoping it would keep on doing its job for years to come.

Unfortunately, sad news broke out on December 9, 2013 when the Quezon City government ordered the closure of the Manila Seedling Bank complex for the reason of non-payment of property taxes of the said property for years, thus moving to take over the property itself. As this time while I am writing this, the city government has allowed the complex to stay open until the end of the year so vendors there can hold their clearance sales. Continue reading