Roaming the Manila North Cemetery

It’s that time of the year once again when the Urban Roamer embarks on a different roaming adventure to visit not a place for the living, but a place for the departed ones. This time, it is a privilege for me to finally get the opportunity to visit the largest public cemetery in Metro Manila today: none other than the Manila North Cemetery.


Originally, the Manila North Cemetery was part of a bigger cemetery complex owned by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Manila that included what are now the La Loma Cemetery and the Chinese Cemetery. After the allocation of the property to the Chinese community in Manila for the building of their own cemetery, 54 hectares was parceled off from the original property for use as a public cemetery, a cemetery that will be open for anyone who wishes to be buried there, regardless of religious or ethnic background. (in contrast to the aforementioned cemeteries that were already in operation at the time) By 1904, with the American government set firmly in place in Manila, and the Philippines in general, the cemetery which was also known before as the “Cementerio del Norte” was opened.

Map picture

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