Christmas in the City 2015: The Lighted Displays Along Ayala Avenue

Christmas is in the air once again, and the metropolis is all aglow with sparkling lights, dazzling decorations and captivating spectacles that capture the senses. Not to mention the horrible traffic, but that’s another topic altogether.

As such, many of the streets these days are lighted with lanterns and colorful lights in Yuletide designs and colors. The main thoroughfare of the Makati Central Business District is one of those brightly lighted streets this season. However, the Makati CBD is doing things a bit differently this Christmas as motorists and commuters are treated to a different street light spectacle, showcasing the heritage and the (Catholic) faith of the country.

a lighted display representing Bohol’s Baclayon Church, (La Purisima Concepcion de la Virgen Maria Church) originally completed in 1727 though it sustained major damage during the 2013 earthquake that hit Bohol

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