roaming the streets: Pandacan’s Jesus and Otis

No other thoroughfares have long defined the district of Pandacan in Manila than the twin streets of Jesus and the former Otis, now known as Paz M. Guanzon. Divided by Quirino Avenue, these two streets are actually part of a single road networks that serves to connect Pandacan to the nearby districts of the city.

Map picture

Named after the patron of the district, the Holy Child, Jesus is one of the districts oldest thoroughfares where many of the district’s landmarks are located. Apart from what have been written previously, along this road can be found a city government’s housing project called the Residencias de Manila and across it the charity organization ran by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Manila, Caritas Manila. If you are one those looking for affordable goods like clothing, household items, etc. Caritas Manila’s office is one place to go to on some occasions since they hold “garage sales” of sorts for various goods. Continue reading