The Admiral Hotel and Anchor Land’s Deception

Lately, Philippine heritage, most especially Manila heritage, has come under attack no less thanks to big developers who aim to “redevelop” those structures into something more…modern and commercially viable. And unfortunately in a number of cases, “redevelopment” for them means: “we’ll tear this old, historic building down and build something modern that is devoid of historic value, heritage be damned.”

That may be the way of thinking developer Anchor Land has when it has decided to demolish the almost 80-year old Admiral Hotel and build a new structure which would be a boutique hotel that will, in their words, “keep its heritage alive and ensure that it remains as a historical landmark.”

To which I say, SCREW YOU, ANCHOR LAND!!!

Okay, I am getting myself ahead of the story. So, allow me to delve deeper into this matter.

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