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Well what do you know? It’s been a year already!

As I was writing the next installment of my series on the Quezon Memorial Circle, I realized that it has been a year already that I have been writing about my chronicles in urban roaming.

It was on August 15, 2009 that I first embarked on a journey that I never thought would go this far. Perhaps my passion for the city I have lived and loved has sustained my energy to continue doing this “job” not just for myself but for the many others that they may at least have a sense of appreciation and understanding of the city they tend to overlook and dismiss at times.

Throughout that first year, I have come to develop an even deeper appreciation of the city that I never had before, learning new and interesting things, even as I fumble along the way.

More importantly, it truly warms the heart that people appreciate the work that you do, that in some way I was able to help them love their city more than it was before. It’s also nice to hear from people even sharing their memories and knowledge of the landmarks they’ve come to know. I appreciate and encourage these interactions as a way of better understanding the world we live on.

These things have kept me going and will keep me going with my journey as I continue to write about the city that I know and love. There are still so many places that this roamer hasn’t gone to and/or written about yet as we continuously strive for a living and vibrant city that appreciates its past and looks forward to an optimistic future.

But for now, a big thank you to everyone who have roamed with me for the past year and hope you stick around for more, so to speak!

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