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Viva Manila: Manila’s Art Deco Hotel

This is the 3rd part of a series covering Carlos Celdran’s Viva Manila tour. Click here for Part 1 and here for Part 2.

There are, sad to say, only a few hotels from the prewar years that have managed to survive and serve as living monuments to a bygone glorious era that we had. One of them was part of the itinerary of the recent Carlos Celdran Viva Manila tour.

Meet the Miramar Hotel, a hotel built in the Art Deco style of architecture built in the 1930s. As one can see, the hotel has done a good job preserving many of its original elements to be appreciated by generations of guests and travelers alike.

Apart from its heritage, Miramar Hotel stands out for its accessibility to a number of landmarks in the city like Rizal Park, Museo Pambata, and the US Embassy among others. Did I mention the hotel provides a view of Manila Bay and its famous sunset?

Inside, more Art Deco and 1930s elements can be seen in the hotel. It is like stepping back in time to that bygone era.

The atmosphere is also different, contrasting to the modernity and the madness happening outside. It is one of those hotels that provides sort of a refuge in the midst of these classic elements that makes you feel like going back to a different time and place.

It also helps that the rooms are quite nice , with a great view of the bayside area if you’re lucky.

Miramar Hotel is one of those underrated hotels in the city that you should check out for its history, accessibility, and for being a nice hotel to stay in at competitive rates at that. You can check out more information about the hotel in their website:


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