the Cartimar at Pasay

The Pasay area these days (and by that we mean the old Pasay, not the reclaimed area) is not one of those places you find yourself at that often. Sadly, it’s one of those places here in the metropolis that has suffered much from urban blight, coupled with the government’s lack of will to face this issue.

Despite all these, there are still some good old gems found in old Pasay. One of which would probably the number one reason that puts this part of Pasay on the map. With that, we are referring to none other than the Cartimar Shopping Center located right between the busy intersections of Taft and Gil Puyat (the former Buendia) Avenues in the north and of Taft-A. Arnaiz (the former Libertad) Avenues in the south.

Cartimar has long been considered a favorite non-shopping mall haunt primarily among the metropolis’ denizens. Of course pets being the number one commodity that people flock here being one of the oldest and well-known pet havens in the metropolis. It being a pet haven has its drawbacks as well as it is frequently targeted a hot spot for endangered animals being sold there, albeit discreetly.

Then there are the shoes, the commodity Cartimar was also famous for. Be wary though that some (if not most) of the stalls there sell fake merchandise. Despite it being known now as yet another haven of fakes, there are still authentic merchandise being sold there, though not as much as it was before. (at least that’s what some oldtimers have said)

There are also other interesting items you can find here like bike stores, plant shops, and yes, another retail giant’s supermarket chain.

In the midst of the changing shopping trends these days, not to mention the urban blight that has sadly affected the metropolis these days, it’s good to see some places like Cartimar hanging it tough and striving to maintain its old character that generations of shoppers have come to fondly appreciate.

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