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The Book Stop: A Roaming Book Haven

If you have been to Intramuros these past few days, particularly at the area of Plaza Roma, you may have noticed a unique-looking structure in the plaza that is being visited by a number of people. While one may first look at it as some modern art installation, upon closer look, you will realize it is actually something different.This structure is actually a pop-up library known as The Book Stop.

The Book Stop was conceived as a project by WTA Architecture & Design Studio as a way to encourage libraries to evolve to engage with and attract contemporary users and promote reading in the next generation, as well as for communities to create events where people can interact and share ideas with each other. It is a project that could not have come at a time like today when traditional libraries are facing the challenges of the digital age, not only with the rise of ebooks and digital libraries, but also the popularity of social media and the web in general which has made many people stop reading books altogether.

The design of the pop-up library reflects the unique approach being taken to make reading enjoyable. Apart from roof and two walls to support the shelves and a bench opposite the shelves, there are no windows or doors in this library. You can just pass by the structure literally and check out the many titles stacked in those shelves. From college textbooks to romance novels to kids books and magazines, the shelves at The Book Stop are teeming with titles that may catch your fancy enough to read through one of them at least. The architecture also reflects the nature of the library itself as a free and open facility; apart from there are also no fees to pay to access the library.

The books at The Book Stop are basically free for you to borrow at any time. And if you are interested to take home a book, you are free to do so as well by exchanging it for another title that you wish to donate to the library. This is knowledge sharing at its best.

But more than just being a library, The Book Stop aims to be a hub of sorts where people can gather and exchange ideas freely or just take part in the joy of reading anew. It aims to encourage a vibrant community where it is set up.

The Book Stop was originally launched last April 23 at the Ayala Triangle Gardens, where it stayed until May 14 before it moved to Intramuros. The Book Stop will remain in Plaza Roma until July 8. So if you’ll be in Intramuros, catch the stop while you can. Do catch The Book Stop at its next destination, wherever it may be at and show your support to this worthy endeavor.


For more information on The Book Stop, check out the website of WTA Architecture & Design Studio

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