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That 70’s Bistro Show

We’ve roamed along streets, buildings, monuments to name a few. Today, allow this roamer to take you somewhere different this time…where one can rock his heart out.

So I found myself one night at the famed 70’s Bistro bar along Anonas St. in Project 2, Quezon City.

For one thing, you might find the location a bit far off from the more “commercial” part of Anonas St., particularly the area near the corner of Aurora Blvd., not to mention the place looking “out of place” in a surrounding that is mostly residential in nature. But being an “institution” in itself that has established its footing throughout its almost 20-year existence, it stands out and stands proud in this part of the neighborhood, something that the residents there are proud of as their own.

If you would visit 70’s Bistro for the first time, you might find the facade reminiscent of some bar you might find along the road, leading one to believe it’s just “one of those bars already visited before.” To that, the answer would be the classic “do not judge the book by its cover.” Because if you are looking for good live music played by renowned and up-and-coming musicians and bands, 70’s Bistro is one place highly recommended where you can find one.

True to its name, the bar exudes a 70’s feel thanks to the groovy, psychedelic fonts and the presence of famed rock musicians of the late 60’s-70’s like The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Neil Young to name a few. Not to mention a gallery of local artists at the walls, especially those who have performed at 70’s Bistro.

The atmosphere can get a bit stuffy in cases of a fully-packed performance, but its loyal patrons don’t seem to mind.

You will also find a little kiosk near the entrance that sells albums and EP’s of some local artists, especially those in the indie circuit.

It’s also said the food served there is good, though I haven’t really tried eating there yet. Perhaps next time.

So if you are looking to hear some good music and have a good time, 70’s Bistro would be one of those places one should check out.

For more information or for gig sked of the bands that will be playing there you can check out their website at www.70sbistro.com.

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