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    Manila International Book Fair 2015

    As longtime followers of the Urban Roamer would know, it has been an annual tradition of sorts for this roamer to visit the annual Manila International Book Fair or MIBF. It has been a tradition that has been followed long before this site was put up, being a longtime bookworm and bibliophile of sorts. As it has been in previous years, the Manila International Book Fair 2015 is being held at the SMX Convention Center, graced with the presence of various book stores, publishers, and educational providers, among others to showcase their latest titles, as well as some bargains on other publications.

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    It Was Raining Cats and Dogs Last Weekend

    Last weekend at the SMX Convention Center, it was raining cats and dogs. Well, in a figurative sense in a way since there was intermittent heavy rain that was experienced I believe. But for this entry, I’m talking about that literal meaning here as dogs and cats reigned at Hall 3 of the convention center. The occasion was the annual Dog and Cat Expo. You can just imagine the furry cuteness overload in the venue during that weekend.

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    A Trade Fair for Science

    Despite the perception among many that the Philippines suck when it comes to science and technology, the country actually has a thriving, developing environment in the field of science and technology. Not as advanced as in other countries admittedly, but thriving nonetheless. Only that it is not well-publicized partly due to the low-key efforts of the people behind it, not to mention that our media tends to overlook these stories of innovation in favor of politics, entertainment, as well as trivial stuff like trending online videos. Thankfully, there are events that give focus on this overlooked aspect of our country’s development. One of them is what the Urban Roamer checked…

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