• City of Manila

    A fusion of faiths in Manila

    Manila, and the Philippines in general, has always been described as a melting pot of eastern and western cultures. Religion has been no exception as with the case of this curious religious item called the Santo Cristo de Longos. Legend tells us that sometime in the 16th century, a deaf-mute Chinese guy was getting water from a well in a barrio called Longos, when he managed to draw along with the water an image of a crucified Christ. It was said that this guy’s deaf-mute condition was healed at that moment. And word soon spread about the image’s supposed miraculous powers. The image was fitted to a cross and was…

  • City of Manila

    born in blood: the birthplace of the Katipunan

    It was July 7, 1892. The news of the day that time was the exile of Dr. Jose Rizal to Dapitan for all the headaches he has caused the Spanish colonial government and the Catholic Church in the country with his writings. It was said that Rizal was expecting that he would be executed that time, only that he would be getting an additional 4 years to his life. Three days earlier, he founded a civic organization called La Liga Filipina which aimed at what can be called as “people empowerment.” Now with its founder and leader gone, it would be expected that the flame he started would be extinguished.…

  • City of Manila

    Coming soon: a Manila Financial Center?

    I came across this website recently: http://manilafinancialcenter.com/. Nothing much to be seen there right now, save for some videos and a mediocre design for a website. But the premise of a business district in the City of Manila itself is intriguing idea at the very least. But Manila’s present administration is bent on pursuing that dream. In fact they have identified the area where this planned financial center will rise: right at the Manila South Harbor area, just across the Walled City of Intramuros. The area in dark blue shows the area to be used for this planned for this planned redevelopment. If becoming a reality, the old buildings and…

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