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    A Glimpse of Public Transportation’s Future

    Let’s admit it. Public transportation in Metro Manila, and in the country in general, needs to be improved, which some may consider a total understatement. Not taking into consideration the problems with mass rail transportation (looking at you, Line 3), we are all too familiar the sight of people hanging by the entry rear of the jeepney, especially during rush hour, or the packed buses where passengers don’t have any space to wiggle. Then there is also the problem of pollution some of these vehicles emit thanks to poor fuel consumption, vehicles visibly suffering wear and tear but are still plying the roads. All these things compound the already very,…

  • Roamer's Roundup

    Good News! BGC Buses Now Accept Beep Cards

    The Urban Roamer was surprised to receive an email today from AF Payments Inc., the folks behind the beep cards we now use in our mass rail transit systems in Metro Manila. But it was more pleasantly surprising to read the contents of the email, a welcome development to those commuting to and from the Bonifacio Global City area. It is the news many have been waiting to happen for quite a while now. That’s right! Your beep card can now be used to ride the BGC bus in and out of Bonifacio Global City!

  • Roamer's Roundup

    Mass Transit Updates (Just In Time For Election Season)

    As you all know by now, the Urban Roamer does not hide the fact how much he loathes current transportation priorities of this government, most especially the policies (or the lack of it) and the ineptitude of the current leadership of our Transportation Department, headed by that guy we all love to strangle, Sec. Joseph Emilio (P)Abaya. From taking too long to get some mass transit lines started to his stupidity on the Common Station issue, his history of making failed decision-making skills is appalling to say the least. Thanks or no thanks to him, at least we are seeing some sort of progress as far as the mass transit line…

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