• Makati

    The Messy Saga of the Mile Long-Sunvar Complex

    If there is one piece of real estate in the metropolis that can be considered the most controversial of all, at least controversial enough to merit national attention, it would be that stretch of land from Dela Rosa Street up to Arnaiz Avenue (the former Pasay Road) in Makati, known as the Mile Long-Sunvar complex. It is a controversy that had all the elements of a thrilling drama: a lengthy litigation, a struggle between government and a prominent business clan who also happens to own the country’s leading newspaper, and a dogged determination of a president who just hates this family’s guts. But for us to understand the controversy, it…

  • Makati

    the quiet sentinels of Makati

    The stretch of Makati Avenue in the busy commercial business district of Makati is an interesting sight by itself, not much because of the tall buildings along this road, but of the 3 monuments that gives this part of the city a distinct flavor, not to mention a reminder of what Philippine heroism is all about. They also share a common history: all 3 were erected in 1972, a project of the Ayala Corporation in, for which sculptor Jose Mendoza was hired to do the work.

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