• City of Manila

    Revival Pains: The Case of the Paco Market and Estero de Paco Rehabilitation

    In 2010, the government and partner agencies and organizations launched a massive drive to rehabilitate Estero de Paco as part of the greater and still-continuing campaign to rehabilitate Pasig River and its tributaries. As part of this drive, Paco Market, one of Paco’s iconic structures which is located alongside the Estero de Paco, was “redeveloped” as well as a showcase of the new Estero de Paco and, in a way, a new Paco as well. More or less a decade has passed since the Estero de Paco project was initiated and by and large, it seems most of the major rehabilitation work has been completed. It’s an opportunity to look…

  • City of Manila,  Waterways

    Estero de San Miguel Reborn

    The success of a gargantuan task such as cleaning up a major river lies on how well its tributaries have been rehabilitated and cleaned up. It is good to know that the current efforts of the Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission (PRRC) takes that lesson to heart as they take on the huge task of dealing with the metropolis’ esteros. That is no easy task, and there is still a long way to go. But there have been a few success stories that should serve as a reason to be optimistic in all this. like what the PRRC, the Metro Manila Development Authority, (MMDA) and partner organizations have done to one…

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