• Pasig

    The Uncommon Capitol Commons

    Last time I wrote about the area once known as the second site of the Rizal Provincial Capitol, it was all fenced out as the Ortigas & Company (the owners of the property that was originally donated to the Rizal Provincial Government but was reverted to them by the deed of donation) was laying the groundwork for future development in the area. Here we are almost two years later, and we are now seeing that development christened as the Capitol Commons taking shape. At this time of writing, there are still significant portions of the complex that have not yet been completed like the mall and the residential buildings. But…

  • Pasig

    Some quick love in the city: Pasig’s “motel row”

    True to the “mission” of The Urban Roamer’s Journal, this blog strives to document whatever sight the metropolis has to offer. That means documenting even those places that can be considered “offensive” to one’s moral and religious feelings and risk being jailed. Then again, my “offensive” post from two years back about the “motel row” in Santa Mesa earned the distinction to be the second most read entry in the blog. Due to the popularity and the clamor, the Urban Roamer is “pressed” to write this year’s edition for my “Some quick love in the city.” It’s the Valentine season once more, and for this occasion, this roamer finds himself…

  • Pasig

    the Pasig formerly of Rizal: the second Rizal capitol

    Last time, we talked about Pasig’s importance before as the capital of the Province of Rizal when the latter was first established. For a while, the seat of power was located near the banks of the Marikina River, where it stayed for almost 50 years. Fast forward to 1950, as the Rizal provincial capitol found itself settled in its new home, right along Shaw Boulevard near what was to become the Ortigas Center business district.The land that new capitol sat on was made possible through a donation of the land by its landowners, the Ortigas family,.whose property once extended to what are now parts Mandaluyong, San Juan, Pasig, and Quezon…

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