• Quezon City

    Automobiles of Authority: Visiting the Presidential Car Museum

    The National Historical Commission of the Philippines has been on the roll these past few years. During that time, it has successfully transformed its museums from boring relics to interactive showcases, making them fun, educational landmarks worth visiting even more. A tour these days of the Rizal Shrine in Intramuros, Museo ng Katipunan in San Juan, and the Quezon Memorial Shrine Museum in Quezon City are just a few examples of the splendid work the NHCP has done. At the same time, the NHCP has been busy conceptualizing new museums as well, one of which just opened last Sunday, August 19 on the occasion of the 140th birth anniversary of…

  • Marikina

    Marikina’s Humble But Kingly Museum

    If there’s one thing to love about Marikina, it’s its suburban atmosphere that is relaxing and, as they would say, “chill” while not lacking on the interesting places to visit. From its food district to to its shoe museum to its clean public market, Marikina is one of the metropolis’ underrated gems that deserve a visit. And if there is one more reason to visit Marikina, it is this one of a kind museum that book-lovers and aficionados of Philippine indigenous culture would appreciate: the Book Museum cum Ethnology Center.in Marikina Heights.

  • City of Manila

    A Museum For Filipino Seafarers

    The Philippines has been considered as the “manning capital of the world” for the maritime industry. That should not come as a surprise as Filipinos comprise the majority of the world’s 1.5 million strong maritime personnel at more than 25%, largest for any nationality. The hard work, the loneliness being at sea for months, and the other sacrifices our Filipino seafarers have made for their families and to the country cannot be stressed hard enough. Sadly, their contributions seem to be overlooked as the general public do not seem to have an idea as to what the Filipino seafarers go through in their job at sea. Come to think of it, the maritime industry…

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