• City of Manila

    Manila’s Hidden Fortress

    Whenever the subject of Manila’s fortifications is discussed, automatically Fort Santiago is the one that first comes to mind. After all, it is the most well-known city fortification that has not only managed to survive the centuries, but also rose to become a popular tourist destination. But hidden south of the city lies another historic fortification, smaller and understandably overlooked these days considering its current location. This is the Fort San Antonio Abad, Manila’s hidden fort that lies between the imposing Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas buildings and the Metropolitan Museum of Manila.

  • City of Manila

    Meet The Other Met

    When one says something about the Met in Manila, it actually would mean either of the two locations in the city. The Urban Roamer has already introduced you to one of them, the Metropolitan Theater. Today, we shall get ourselves acquainted with the other Met, the Metropolitan Museum of Manila. Despite the name, the Met Museum here is not actually associated with the more famous Met Museum found in New York. And to be honest, the Met Museum of Manila is not as prominent as other museums in the city. Nevertheless, it has its own charms which makes it an interesting museum to check out.

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