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    The Metropolis and Natural Disasters

    A few days ago, a story was published by the Philippine Star about a study by a Swiss insurance firm which stated that Manila was the 2nd most at-risk metropolis from natural disasters. With such a story, one has to get more information, preferably straight from the source. Fortunately, Swiss Re, the firm that commissioned or has done the study, has a copy of this study online, which you  can check here. One thing to note though is that this study has been published way back in September 2013. So how it managed  to fly under the radar of local journalists until a few days ago is a puzzle to…

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    calamity in the city: Typhoon Ondoy’s fury

    The events during the last weekend of September (from the 26th-27th) was something for the record books, as the country, and Metro Manila in particular, bore witness to what was probably one of the most severe storms that have ravaged the city in recent memory. While there have been many storms in the past (especially the ones I can recall from way back) that have caused much damage to the city throughout history,the damage done by those typhoons was nothing compared to what Typhoon Ondoy (International name: Ketsana) in just a day or two. People say it was the worst flooding Metro Manila has experienced since the early 1970’s.

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