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    ToyCon 2015

    It was that time of the year once more for one of the most anticipated events of the year. To be specific, it was the time again for ToyCon, the biggest gathering of toys, comics, collectibles, and other geekery on display and the people who are fond of them. And as usual, SM Megamall was the place to be for this event. As the Urban Roamer has covered this event in the past, there is nothing much else to say about what this is about, though it has occurred to me recently that in a way, this can be considered our country’s answer to the famous annual San Diego Comic…

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    A One-of-a-Kind Trade Fair for the Arts

    Trade fairs usually showcase commodities or services for public consumption or use. That being said, a trade fair that deals with art is something that few would even think about. But the Department of Trade and Industry held such an event at the SM Megamall Megatrade Hall called “Sikat Pinoy: National Art Fair,” the first of its kind to be held here.

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    Coconut Week 2014

    It has often been said that the coconut is the tree of life, because of the many uses of this tree and its fruit in the creation of different products. And being a country abundant in coconut trees, it is something that has become somewhat of a given fact that we tend to take for granted the coconut’s importance at times. Thankfully, we have events like the recently-held National Coco Week to underscore the contributions of the coconut in our daily lives.

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