• City of Manila

    Mehan’s Martial Law Memorial

    September 23, 1972. After an eerie media silence for about 2 days, the airwaves went back that evening for President Ferdinand Marcos to address the nation. It was as eerie as it turned out to be as he announced that two days prior, on September 21, he signed Proclamation No. 1081 which placed the entire Philippines under Martial Law. Since then, the course of Philippine history would be changed forever. A dramatic shift whose effects are still being felt today, even after more than 40 years.

  • Quezon City

    remembering Martial Law

    September 21, 1972 has been a date forever etched in the history of the Philippines as Ferdinand Marcos issued Presidential Decree 1021, which placed the entire country under the state of martial law as a way in addressing what was then a “deteriorating” condition of the country’s peace and order. For some, the Martial Law years was a time that our country achieved stability and growth which succeeding administrations have yet to surpass. Then there are others, especially those who became victims of human rights violations during this period, who feel that this particular dark, unforgettable chapter in history should not be glorified. Hearing stories of those imprisoned, tortured, killed…

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