• Quezon City

    A farewell to Manila Seedling Bank?

    The Urban Roamer wrote an entry on this blog more than two years ago about the Manila Seedling Bank, one of the few remaining green spaces in the metropolis that is home to different varieties of flora that are being displayed and/or sold. In particular, I lauded the place and the organization behind it, Manila Seedling Bank Foundation, (MSBF) for being stalwarts of environmental awareness in the midst of the urban sprawl that has already affected the environment in a negative manner, hoping it would keep on doing its job for years to come. Unfortunately, sad news broke out on December 9, 2013 when the Quezon City government ordered the…

  • Quezon City

    The metropolis’ green hope

    We are often being reminded of the importance of environmental conservation and protection; some of us may have grown tired of hearing this message over and over. But with the threats brought about by climate change looming greater than ever, that message deserves to be repeatedly hammered down as a way to address this problem. Unfortunately, many of us have become too engrossed in the urban mentality as we appreciate more the towering buildings over the trees that provide shade and oxygen. A number of our green spaces have dwindled alarmingly thanks to further urbanization.

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