• Roamer's Roundup

    Can Manila Bay Still Be Revived?

    After the positive developments thus far of the ongoing rehabilitation of Boracay Island, the government has now turned its sights on a more challenging task: rehabilitating Manila Bay. The campaign was formally launched last Sunday, with hundreds of volunteers trooping the Baywalk area to start the cleanup. And judging from the photos taken after the event, they seem to have done a good job so far. But before the premature celebrations, let us remind ourselves that this is just start of a long war, so to speak. It would be naive to think that a one-day clean up will be enough to bring back order to the universe, or in…

  • Las Piñas,  Parañaque

    LPPCHEA: A Bird Sanctuary in the City

    A metropolis as chaotic and crowded as Metro Manila may be the last place in mind one would have to find a bird sanctuary. But surprisingly there is one. What makes it even more surprising is that it is found near the littered and filthy coastline of Manila Bay. This sanctuary is called the Las Piñas-Parañaque Critical Habitat and Ecotourism Area, popularly known as the LPPCHEA or LaPPaCHEA. It is a strip of land that protrudes from the main coast of Metro Manila serving as a buffer of sorts between the main coastline and the Manila Bay. LPPCHEA in a vlog by Joel Andrada

  • City of Manila

    Baywalk after the storm

    I’ve always wanted to write about that 2-kilometer stretch of open space by the seaside of Manila Bay that we all know as the Baywalk. For someone who grew up spending some of my free days along the Manila Bay, I have been witness to the changes the area has seen over the past years and beautiful sunsets that made it a popular attraction and a source of pride as well. How can one forget the Baywalk during the administration of then Manila Mayor Lito “floral shirt guy” Atienza (1998-2007)? In his efforts to revitalize Manila tourism, he spearheaded the redevelopment of the once-dark Manila Bay side into the Baywalk…

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