• City of Manila

    the Liwasan formerly known as Lawton

    There are a few places I can think of as “complex” as Central Manila, which by itself is considered the city’s intersecting point. On one hand, this place is home to two of the city’s iconic landmarks: the Post Office Building and the Metropolitan Theater. On the flipside, it’s one of the most convoluted places in the city, overtowered by flyovers which doesn’t really help relieve the area from unbearable traffic especially during rush hour. Then there is the open, green space straddling between the Post Office and Metropolitan Theater, which is interesting in itself. Back in the Spanish colonial era, this area was once known as part of Plaza…

  • City of Manila

    Going postal at the Post Office Building

    Here in this part of Manila called Lawton, or Liwasang Bonifacio as it’s officially called nowadays, you simply cannot miss this imposing edifice proudly standing along the banks of the River Pasig. Yes, I’m referring to the grand old Manila Central Post Office Building, the head office of the Philippine Postal Corporation who is the by itself sadly one of the few remaining landmarks of American-influenced neo-Classical architecture in the country. Having risen after a devastating war and an in the midst of an ever-changing (and sadly deteriorating) landscape that Manila experienced over the years, it’s good to know that the Post Office Building is still standing proud and has…

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